Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fact-checking fraudulent political claims

[LP note: It drives us crazy when we keep hearing the same fraudulent claims made by politicians about the economy, untruths fueled by monied interests and repeated ad nauseum by a media that refuses to do its job. A lie repeated often enough becomes a core belief among too many vulnerable people. This article provides a very good visual representation that should dispel many of these false claims.]

27 charts that will change how you think about the American economy

by Timothy B. Lee on October 10, 2016
Vox Media

The US economy is changing — and not always in the ways people expect. Fewer people are working in the manufacturing sector, yet we're producing more manufactured goods than ever. In many ways, the US economy is less dynamic than is commonly believed — the number of startups is dropping, people are changing jobs less often, and worker productivity is growing at its slowest pace in decades.

Meanwhile, American cities are enjoying a renaissance, with job growth and home prices soaring in the biggest cities. Read on for 27 charts that show the surprising evolution of the US economy.

(Charts here.)


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