Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Unbelievable interview of Trump supporter on NPR

In Ariz., Mormon Working Mom Explains Why She's Supporting Trump



As part of our Divided States project, we are talking with representative voters across the traditionally red state of Arizona. Eileen Eagar is a Mormon, and a fervent supporter of Donald Trump.


And I'm David Greene at member station KJZZ in Phoenix for our project Divided States. We're meeting four voters this morning, and then we're going to bring them back tomorrow to hear what they thought about tonight's vice presidential debate. First, Eileen Eagar. She is a real estate broker, and she is supporting Donald Trump. And one thing we talked about was The New York Times report that Trump may not have paid taxes for 18 years. If that is true, she said, Trump is just taking advantage of legal loopholes.

EILEEN EAGAR: And I have done the same through the years. So there have been years when I did not pay taxes. However, I own several income properties. Trump owns multiples of properties. Think about the property taxes he pays. And people aren't aware of the fact, but actually your property taxes are the ones that pay for the schools. Your property taxes pay for the roads because those are county charges. He is probably paying more taxes, if you really looked into it, in that respect.

GREENE: OK. So more about Eileen Eagar. She is from Chicago. At one point, she was a single mom raising two kids, and I asked how tough that was.

EAGAR: Well, tough enough that, you know, occasionally had to go out on a date where I would order a big steak that I didn't even want to eat. And then I'd put it in a bag and take it home for the kids. (Laughter) So that's pretty darn tough. I worked at the steel mills. I was a secretary there, and as a matter of fact, that's where I met my husband.

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