Thursday, October 06, 2016

The thread is science

Key questions for the next presidential debate

By Rush Holt and Marcia McNutt
Oct 5, 2016

On Sunday, news anchors Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper will hold seats in St. Louis that millions of Americans would have loved to have. As the moderators for the second presidential debate, they have the privilege and the task of bringing organization and clarity to the candidates’ discussion of a range of important topics.

The first presidential debate featured three main question areas — America’s direction, achieving prosperity and securing America — with a common but underappreciated thread that should inform the candidates and the public.

That thread is science.

Enlightened policymaking, whether for foreign or domestic affairs, requires science. The objective, fact-based inquiries that are at the heart of scientific research unlock and uncover the way the world works, providing key insights into how we can address some of America’s most significant challenges — from public health to energy and environment, education, innovation and economic growth. The engineering and technology solutions that derive from science are tools that policymakers can consider when addressing the world’s problems.

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