Friday, December 04, 2015

More evidence that the 2015 GOP is far different from the GOP of the past

Reagan, Bush 41 memos reveal sharp contrast with today’s GOP on climate and the environment

By Joby Warrick December 3, Washington Post

The memos, stamped “confidential” and kept under wraps for years, portray a White House eager to assert U.S. leadership on climate change. Global warming will have “profound consequences,” one document warns, and the United States “cannot wait” until all scientific questions are resolved before taking action.

The memos were among several formerly classified documents from the Bush and Reagan administrations obtained under the Freedom of Information Act and released on Wednesday by the National Security Archive. The documents portray senior officials in the two Republican administrations pressing for an aggressive response to international environmental issues of the day — including, during Bush’s term, climate change.

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