Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The GOP at breaking point

By Juan Williams - 11/30/15 06:00 AM EST, The Hill

The biggest political story of 2015 will also be the biggest political story of 2016: The Republican base has divorced the Republican establishment.

The rupture has paralyzed Congress and polarized voters, both inside and outside GOP ranks.

And no one knows how to fix this broken political party.

The year’s top example of GOP dysfunction was the far right coup by — at most — 40 Republican members of the Freedom Caucus that ended John Boehner’s tenure as Speaker. Even with a GOP majority, the Ohio Republican could not get his team to move in the direction of constructive solutions to the nation’s biggest problems.The same political dynamic was at play in this year’s endless congressional votes to end ObamaCare; the 21st set of hearings on Benghazi; the calls to eliminate the IRS; the threats to damage the American economy by refusing to raise the debt ceiling; and more threats to shut down the government to end federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

The same forces are at play in the campaign for the GOP presidential nomination.

No establishment Republican is close to the top of polls, which are instead dominated by angry “insurgents.” Party insiders focused on defeating Democrats in November 2016 are already conducting an early version of the Republican National Committee’s “autopsy” that was done after the party’s second loss to President Obama in 2012.

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Blogger Minnesota Central said...

The rise of the "new" Republican Party can be attested in yesterday's House vote on reforming No Child Left Behind ... you remember that it was a John Boehner solution to George Bush's campaign.
After years (it technically expired in 2007) of congressional inaction, the House voted on "Every Child Succeeds Act" which was "championed" by Chairman John Kline (his press release). The vote wasn't close on the Democrat side ... 181 YES and zero No .... but on the Republican side the vote wasn't close but significant 178 YES and 64 NO.

Chairman Kline was proud of his bill, as he said it :
-- Repeals the one-size-fits-all federal accountability system, known as “Adequate Yearly Progress” or AYP.
-- Ends the era of federally-mandated high-stakes testing.
-- Prohibits the secretary of education from dictating national education policy.
-- Returns responsibility for accountability and school improvement to state and local leaders.
-- Provides parents information about local school performance so they have the information they need to do what’s best for their child’s education.
-- Strengthens the charter schools program and the magnet schools program to offer parents greater school choice.
-- Prevents any federal interference in private schools and home schools.

Chairman Kline is retiring ... this bill could be called his "swan song" or "showstopper" depending upon how you view his legacy, but he is leaving and this was considered his "last chance" as next year is an election year. Yet, a not insignificant number of Republicans voted NO ... actually, the NO votes increased from his previous effort when 27 Republicans voted NO.

The Congress that gavels in January 2017 will have plenty of new faces as 28 Members have already announced the will not be coming back ... and considering how the district lines have been drawn, the big question is how many will join the "new" Republican Party (64) ?

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