Wednesday, February 25, 2015

ISIS Heads to Rome

Thomas L. Friedman, NYT
FEB. 25, 2015

The Italians got this one right. Last week, The Washington Post’s Adam Taylor helpfully collected tweets that Italians put out after a murderous video issued by the Islamic State, or ISIS, warned: “Today we are south of Rome,” one militant said. “We will conquer Rome with Allah’s permission.”

As the hashtag #We_Are_Coming_O_Rome made the rounds in Italy, Rome residents rose to the challenge.

Their tweets, Taylor noted, included:
“#We_Are_Coming_O_Rome ahahah Be careful on the highway-Ring Road: there’s too much traffic, you would remain trapped!” 
“#We_Are_Coming_O_Rome hey just a tip: don’t come in train, it’s every time late!” 
“#We_Are_Coming_O_Rome You’re too late, Italy is already been destroyed by their governments.”
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