Sunday, February 22, 2015

Washington Post recognizes Minneapolis-based food startup

These granola bars are so fresh and free of preservatives that they must be refrigerated. (Fresh Bar)
Goodbye potato chips, hello jicama chips? These six start-ups want to change how you eat.

By Matt McFarland, February 19, Washington Post

If you want a sneak peak at what might be the next big thing in food, AccelFoods is a good place to start. The early-stage investors identify and fund start-ups with an eye for the future.

AccelFoods looks for growing markets and popular trends among millennials, such as healthy desserts, super foods, unique proteins and ethnic snacks. They’ve bet on everything from cricket protein bars to mushroom teas. AccelFoods has just invested in six more start-ups, its third class since launching a year ago. Here they are:


5. Fresh Bar: The breakfast bar you refrigerate.

The Minneapolis start-up Five Friends Food sells refrigerated granola bars with fresh fruits and nuts.

“We think for the millennial consumer and for moms who are really focused on delivering nutrients and fresh food that doesn’t have stabilizers and that’s not been sitting on the shelf for a month, it’s tremendously innovative,” [Accel managing partner] Jupiter said.

(The article is here. The five friends are all graduates of West High School, Mankato, Minnesota.)


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