Monday, October 06, 2014

The Washington Post Regains Its Place at the Table

David Carr, NYT
OCT. 5, 2014


Nothing in God’s creation is ever as good as it once was, but The Washington Post is coming pretty close.

The once-embattled newspaper is in the middle of a great run, turning out the kind of reporting that journalists — and readers — live for. That includes coverage that played a role in the resignation of the director of the Secret Service and investigative work that eventually led to the conviction of a former governor of Virginia on corruption charges.

The people who work at The Post have been clobbered for decades for not matching the glory days of Watergate — it’s doubtful anyone ever will — but more recently, after a series of buyouts and some management blunders, the decline in ambition and quality was there for all to see. The Post became seen as more of a basket case than best in class.

As Politico — started by disaffected Post journalists — gained traction with its aggressive coverage of politics, the whispers that The Post was no longer relevant became a loud refrain. The Columbia Journalism Review argued that by making large reductions in staff, leaders at The Post had “diluted” its quality, Vanity Fair lamented it had become “a symbol of decline” and The New Republic called it a “newspaper in disarray.”

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