Saturday, September 20, 2014

Exercising the Right to Rant

Gail Collins, NYT
SEPT. 19, 2014

Congress is gone. But not forgotten.

O.K., to be honest, they’re totally forgotten. The members of the House and Senate have been out of session for about a day and the nation has already totally wiped them from the memory bank.

Oh, America’s Legislature, we hardly knew ye.

Before decamping to go home and run for re-election, our elected representatives voted to fund the government and go to war. Pretty much ran the table on their constitutional responsibilities. Normally, that sort of thing would draw attention. “Before I came here I imagined that when war was discussed, everybody would be at their desk,” complained Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, to a rather vacant chamber.

To be fair, Congress actually just gave a vague grunt of acceptance to one part of President Obama’s strategy to combat ISIS. (It could have gone further, but you know how much these guys like leaving everything up to the president.) And it averted a government shutdown by decreeing that we will keep on spending whatever it is we’ve been spending for a couple more months.

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Blogger Minnesota Central said...

Looks like it has taken Cantor getting the big bucks for Tim Walz to finally admit that he gave in on the STOCK Act now that Louise Slaughter has introduced H.R.5525 to correct the Cantor-re-employment Act. (That legislation is noted in the last part of the column.)

8:01 AM  
Blogger Minnesota Central said...

Oh, I should have added that on the last day, the House with Tim Walz in agreement voted to repeal/defund ObamaCare.

That was after voting last week in agreement with the Republicans denying the EPA from protecting our water.

Minnesota needs more people like Betty McCollum :
“Once again Republicans are taking aim at the environment and clean water by unnecessarily intervening in a critical rule-making process. Preserving the health of America’s wetlands and streams is essential to Minnesota, a state with more than 10,000 lakes and over 69,000 miles of river. The EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers need to continue moving forward, in consultation with key stakeholders, and develop a sound definition that protects the health of a precious natural resource – America’s waters.”

If you look at Tim Walz's votes, you wonder if the Koch brothers are supporting him.

6:44 AM  

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