Thursday, July 17, 2014

Scott Brown: fallout from Hobby Lobby decision puts Senate bid in tight spot

GOP candidate Scott Brown has been labeled 'anti-women' by his Democratic rival, a label particularly toxic in New Hampshire

Paul Lewis in West Ossipee, New Hampshire, Wednesday 16 July 2014

Scott Brown has been touring New Hampshire since April, when he announced he would be running for the state's Senate seat. Hitting the campaign trail in his trademark pick-up truck, Brown has portrayed himself as an accessible candidate, introducing himself to voters at supermarkets, car shows, lobster shacks and a Harley Davidson-themed cookout.

A former Republican senator from neighbouring Massachusetts, Brown plans to win the election in his adopted state one handshake at a time. “Join Scott,” his website implores visitors. “Get on the trail.”

That was precisely what I did last Friday, when my unexpected arrival at Brown’s statewide tour revealed a different side to his campaign. Just a few miles from a town named Freedom, no less, I was expelled from two consecutive Brown campaign events, banned from asking him questions and, when I declined to abide by those terms, questioned by an officer of the law.

It turned out that Brown did not want to talk about about Hobby Lobby, the recent supreme court decision critics argue will deny some women contraceptive care in their insurance plans.

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