Thursday, July 17, 2014

The GOP pulls out its big legal guns

A lawsuit with little merit

By Dana Milbank — July 16 at 8:13 PM, WashPost

Dana Milbank writes about political theater in the nation’s capital. He joined the Post as a political reporter in 2000.

Rep. Pete Sessions, the House Rules Committee chairman who led Wednesday’s hearing on Republicans’ plans to sue President Obama, presented the legal credentials that have put him in this position of responsibility.

“I’m an Eagle Scout,” the Texas Republican told his colleagues. “I studied the merit badges that we took about governance, about cities, states, the national government.”

Merit badges! And his experience in the Boy Scouts isn’t the only thing that made Sessions a legal expert. He said he had “great professors” when he studied political science at Southwestern University. Also, Sessions told the panel, his father was a judge, and young Pete “understood his love of the law.”

See? The GOP lawsuit isn’t just a stunt to appease conservatives who would rather impeach Obama. It’s a serious legal case — Scout’s honor!

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