Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Not Meant for Public Eyes

Georgia Democrat’s Senate Campaign Plan Is Published


ATLANTA — Less than one week after Republicans selected their nominee for a United States Senate race in Georgia, the campaign of the Democratic candidate, Michelle Nunn, was jolted on Monday by the publication of an internal document that charted plans for a contest that is expected to be one of the country’s most competitive and one of the few where Democrats have any realistic chance of retaking a Republican-held seat.

The document, labeled “The Campaign Plan” and distributed to Ms. Nunn and key supporters last year, includes standard plans for the campaign to coordinate with other Georgia Democrats, sketches out timetables for contacting voters and sets out a schedule for opposition research. But it also lists potential political liabilities in a way the Nunn campaign surely did not expect to become public, saying that Ms. Nunn might be attacked as a “lightweight,” “too liberal” and “not a ‘real’ Georgian,” and laying out strategies to respond to criticisms of her biography and record.

The presentation, which was published on the website of National Review, is candid in its assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of Ms. Nunn, who is seeking public office for the first time, and her campaign.

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