Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Mad at Obama? Blame Republicans

It's hard to see what the GOP has gained from obstructionism other than a president willing to stretch the limits of executive power beyond recognition.

By James Oliphant, Politico.com
June 3, 2014

The carping is familiar. President Obama has "overreached" and abused his authority by releasing terrorist prisoners without notifying Congress and in promulgating new environmental rules. But, as usual, Republicans have few remedies beyond press releases and the promises of hearings.

That's the state of play in Washington: trench warfare that has lasted more than three years.

Obama began 2014 vowing that he would no longer be sidelined by Republican obstructionists—and he appears to be making good on his threat. More executive actions are likely on the way, as the president may well impose deportation curbs if the GOP won't constructively work toward immigration-reform legislation.

House Republicans should stop and consider it—not because of the political benefit the party might, maybe, enjoy by helping to broker an immigration solution. No, the better reason is this: If they truly fear the unchecked growth of presidential power, then their best option is to come to the table and force compromise. It's the one sure way to keep Obama from going cowboy (or, in their minds, tyrant).

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