Tuesday, June 03, 2014

EPA’s Gina McCarthy: The liberal Obama never became

By Dana Milbank, WashPost, Published: June 2

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy sounded like the sort of unflinching liberal that progressives had hoped Barack Obama would be.

Not only did McCarthy roll out a broad new rule Monday that would cut carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent at existing power plants over 16 years, but she did so while ridiculing those on the other side.

“Critics claim that your energy bills will skyrocket. Well, they’re wrong,” McCarthy told a crowd at EPA’s headquarters. Departing from her prepared remarks, she added, to laughter and applause, “Shall I say that again? They’re wrong.”

She declared that “the critics are wrong about reliability, too,” and she scorned those “pointing to the polar vortex as a reason not to act on climate.” She adopted a singsong voice as she mockingly anticipated “special interest skeptics who will cry the sky is falling.”

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