Saturday, August 27, 2016

Minnesota takes action on the startling loss of bees

Seeking to reverse bee decline, Gov. Dayton orders limits on pesticide use

Dan Gunderson , Elizabeth Dunbar · Aug 26, 2016
Minnesota Public Radio

Seeking to reverse a decline in bees and other pollinators, Gov. Mark Dayton issued an executive order Friday that limits the use of nicotine-based pesticides.

The governor's move won praise from environmentalists, but farm groups said it could hurt farmers financially.

Nicotine-based insecticides known as neonicotinoids are effective against a variety of pests, so they're widely used, but a growing body of research shows the insecticides harm bees.

After a two-year review of 300 scientific studies, the state Agriculture Department decided restrictions were necessary, said Agriculture Commissioner Dave Frederickson.

"Some of these are bold recommendations that have not been considered by any other state across the nation," Frederickson said at a Minnesota State Fair news conference.

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