Friday, July 01, 2016

Why the White House claims on drone casualties remain in doubt

By Greg Miller, WashPost
July 1 at 3:11 PM

After a conspicuous lull in the CIA drone campaign in early 2011, the agency’s aircraft roared back to life in mid-March that year, with a multi-missile barrage near a remote village in Pakistan.

The strike at Datta Khel came one day after CIA contractor Raymond Davis was released from a Pakistani jail, and was quickly followed by reports that at least two dozen people — and perhaps as many as 44 — were killed.

Five years later, the true toll of that drone assault remains a mystery. A Taliban commander, Sherabat Khan Wazir, was reportedly among those killed. But the U.S. government has never explained who else died at Datta Khel, whether any of them were civilians, or how it made that determination.

The White House’s long-awaited release Friday of new details about the U.S. drone campaign did little to change that.

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