Monday, May 09, 2016

Hello? Sen. Inhofe? Are you home?

The fire in Canada looks a lot like climate change -- and that should scare you

By John D. Sutter, CNN
Updated Sat May 7, 2016

(CNN) The fire raging in Fort McMurray, Canada sounds like something from the apocalypse.
"It was like driving through hell," Michel Chamberland told CNN of his escape from the area. "Those flames, they were bright, they were big ... It's unreal. It's almost like a dream or something."

The fire, which has burned at least 325 square miles, forcing the evacuation of some 88,000 people, is so hot and so intense that's it's formed its own weather. The thundercloud produced by the blaze actually is creating its own lightning, and consequently spreading the fire's rage, setting more trees alight.

True, there have been fires in Canada's boreal forest for ages. But scientists and researchers say this fire looks a whole lot like climate change. And that should be alarming for all of us.

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