Saturday, March 05, 2016

Chickens, Home to Roost

Maureen Dowd, NYT, MARCH 5, 2016

WASHINGTON — HERE’S why the Trump campaign is wicked fun:

I watched Donald Trump in New York for decades, as a bachelor swanning, a party fixture mingling, a master of bling and bluster.

I went with him on his art-filled plane in 1999 as he dipped his toe in the presidential pool and saw him shyly approach his first political rope line, even as he bragged that other candidates didn’t draw as many cameras or have a supermodel by their side.

So I can assure you of two things. No one is more shocked at how far, how fast, Trump has come than Trump.

Watching him morph into a pol in real time and wriggle away from the junior-varsity G.O.P. chuckleheads trying to tackle him is hypnotic. He’s like the blond alien in the 1995 movie “Species,” who mutates from ova to adult in months, regenerating and reconfiguring at warp speed to escape the establishment, kill everyone in sight and eliminate the human race.

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