Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tricky Ted Cruz turns on his fellow Republicans

[LP note: Ted Cruz is very scary, perhaps even more scary than Donald Trump. Cruz couches his political beliefs in religion, which is always very dangerous, much like ISIS. He is very smart, no doubt about that, but smart does not mean a good leader. My wife and I both have very smart siblings — MENSA and CFO/CEO smart — but they would have no concept of how to run a country. Cruz, I am convinced, is the same way. Hopefully his backers will conclude sooner rather than later that this man is more Frankenstein's monster than an appropriate leader for the U.S.]

By Dana Milbank Opinion writer February 23 at 5:46 PM WashPost

Ted Cruz fired his communications director, Rick Tyler, for smearing rival Marco Rubio with the false allegation that Rubio had disparaged the Bible. And Tyler’s transgression is indeed inexcusable: He forgot that his boss prefers to do the smearing himself.

There is something amusing in watching Rubio and Donald Trump come to the shocking discovery that Cruz is a scoundrel.

Biggest liar in politics!” Trump tweeted Monday. Accusing Cruz of “fraud” and “dirty tricks,” Trump offered a diagnosis: “This guy is sick.”

Rubio, too, detected “a very disturbing pattern of deceptive campaigns and flat-out just lying to voters.”

Where have these guys been?

Just a few months ago, Trump was calling Cruz “a friend of mine and a good guy.” But Cruz has been smearing and fabricating since he arrived in Washington three years ago. As early as April 2013, I observed a perplexing tendency at the Capitol: “Republicans are willing to look the other way when Cruz assaults the facts.” One of his first acts as a senator was to spread the slander that Chuck Hagel, the incoming defense secretary, may have been on the payroll of the North Koreans.

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