Thursday, September 17, 2015

When Crime Pays: J&J’s Drug Risperdal

Nicholas Kristof, NYT
SEPT. 17, 2015

Risperdal is a billion-dollar antipsychotic medicine with real benefits — and a few unfortunate side effects.

It can cause strokes among the elderly. And it can cause boys to grow large, pendulous breasts; one boy developed a 46DD bust.

Yet Johnson & Johnson marketed Risperdal aggressively to the elderly and to boys while allegedly manipulating and hiding the data about breast development. J&J got caught, pleaded guilty to a crime and has paid more than $2 billion in penalties and settlements. But that pales next to some $30 billion in sales of Risperdal around the world.

In short, crime pays, if you’re a major corporation.

Oh, and the person who was in charge of marketing the drug in these ways? He is Alex Gorsky, who was rewarded by being elevated to C.E.O. of J&J. He earned $25 million last year.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So far there has been no justice for the families of those killed by pharmaceutical executives' conscious decisions to hide lethal side effects. My only son was killed by Eli Lilly's Zyprexa - dying of profound hyperglycemia at the age of 39. The internal documents showing these executives' deliberations of how to hide the side effects are in the public domain - when?
My dear son has been dead for over 12 years.

8:45 PM  

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