Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Nat Geo journalist’s remarkable and ingenious quest to track down ivory smugglers

By Michael E. Miller August 17, WashPost

It was the moment that many journalists fear most: getting arrested in a foreign country. But Bryan Christy wasn’t too upset by his predicament.

He had created it, after all.

Christy, an investigative reporter for National Geographic, was traveling through Dar es Salaam’s international airport in Tanzania recently when officials spotted something strange during an X-ray scan of his luggage.

“Open that one,” an official ordered.

Inside his suitcase, they found what appeared to be a pair of elephant tusks worth thousands of dollars on the black market.

Christy was arrested. He spent a night sleeping on a desk at the airport before American diplomats convinced local officials that the journalist’s seemingly insane story was true.

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