Wednesday, June 10, 2015

37 incredible drone photos from across the globe that would be totally illegal today

Above the Kremlin at the heart of Moscow, Russia

Melia Robinson and Christian Storm
Apr. 1, 2015, 4:18 PM

Drones are everywhere from the battlefield to the backyards of America. For such a simple concept, the possibilities for how we can use drones is vast and still being explored.

One of the most interesting ways to utilize drone technology is photography. Photographer Amos Chapple knows this better than most. As soon as consumer drones came on the market, Chapple knew he needed one. After purchasing one and learning how to fly it, he began traveling the globe, photographing famous landmarks before such photography was made illegal.

"There was a window of about 18 months where it was possible to fly these things anywhere and people were excited to see it. I’m glad I made use of that time," Chapple told Business Insider.

Now, with drone use illegal in many of these locations, his collection of beautiful drone images are some of the only aerial photos of their type. Chapple shared many of them with us and told the stories behind his shots. Check out more on his site.

(Check out more here — when you get to the Church on the Spilt Blood in St. Petersburg, the Maertens family lived in the apartment building 100 meters to the west.)


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