Sunday, May 31, 2015

In Minnesota, Republicans and some turncoat DFLers are trying to undermine the state's environmental progress

What needs to happen to the environment/agriculture bill

Posted May 29th, 2015 by Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy

Written by Scott Strand – As many of you are aware, Governor Dayton vetoed the environment and agriculture finance “omnibus” bill last Saturday. That was a surprise to many, and the governor has said publicly that it was his most difficult veto decision. Minnesota’s environmental movement, including MCEA, did strongly urge a veto of this bill, and the governor deserves credit for making this decision.

For those who follow the legislative process, the problem is not an uncommon one. Nearly every year, the legislative leadership commits to keeping so-called “policy” items out of the “finance” or “budget” bills, so that policy bills get a fair debate and members get to vote on them on the merits instead of under the gun of getting a budget passed on time. Nearly every year, that commitment is broken to some extent, but this environment/agriculture budget bill was unusual.

Here is a partial list of anti-environment policy provisions in the budget bill, few if any of which could have passed on their own merits:

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