Saturday, May 23, 2015

Minnesota environmental bill a disaster

What are we? Wisconsin?

by Alan Muller on May 23, 2015

The regular session of the Minnesota Legislature has thankfully ended. Many bad things and few good things happened. It seems to me that the leadership of the House (Republican) and the Senate (DFL) were generally united against the people. How did this come about? A question that needs answering…..and a situation that needs changing.

Some of the worst language was removed or toned down due to lobbying by the Attorney General’s office, Isaac Walton League, Trout Unlimited, Carol Overland, and others.

At this point the only way to (possibly) improve the situation is to convince Governor Dayton to veto bad bills.

Here are the two of the worst bills we have been following. Note that during the session the bad stuff has sometimes moved from one bill number to another, sometimes more than once. This is the endpoint.

(Continued here.)


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