Sunday, March 08, 2015

What’s driving teen girls to jihad?

Why are so many young women from Western countries running away from home to join a genocidal death cult?

Michael Petrou, McClean's
March 7, 2015

Interpol “The family you get in exchange for leaving the ones behind are like the pearl in comparison to the shell you threw away into the foam of the sea, which is the Ummah [community of believers]. The reason for this is because your love for one another is purely for the sake of Allah.”

Aqsa Mahmood, a British woman living in Syrian territory controlled by the ultraviolent Islamist group that calls itself Islamic State, can be almost poetic when counselling other Western women to abandon their homes and join her there. Blogging under the name Umm Layth, Mahmood crafts an appeal that mixes religious piety with material enticements. There is something pleasurable, she writes in a September post, in obtaining milkshake machines that have been looted from “the kuffar” [pejorative slang for “unbeliever”]. Rejecting your family is a religious duty, she continues, if they makes allies with the kuffar and reject jihad. Blood ties, she says, are nothing compared to living a truly Islamic life.

Mahmood is a persuasive saleswoman. At least one of the trio of young British girls, who left their London homes in February and are now thought to be with Islamic State in Syria, appears to have been in touch with Mahmood on social media. And Mahmood is not an isolated case. The CBC has reported that the family of a 23-year-old Canadian woman who recently joined Islamic State believes she was radicalized and funded by an Edmonton-based woman who taught an online course on the Quran.

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