Sunday, February 08, 2015

Bottom line… Vaccines work

To Vaccine Refusers: There's No Need to Be Afraid

Posted by Ross Pomeroy, February 9, 2015,

To the Concerned Parents Who Refuse to Vaccinate Their Children:

After a year in which there were more documented cases of the measles than the previous five years combined, the backlash has been brutal. You've been called everything from "anti-science," to "denialist," to "uncaring." Seeing as how America is now in the midst of a new outbreak, personal attacks like these probably won't abate anytime soon.

I know you're not uncaring, but if you'll permit me a humble guess, perhaps you are a little afraid -- afraid of what might happen should you vaccinate your children. You care deeply for your kids -- that's not in question. You don't want to see them harmed. You want to see them live, laugh, and grow up to be healthy and happy.

You've been told, by some individuals, that vaccines may potentially endanger your children, that they can cause autism, cancer, and other chronic diseases. While I'd rather not speculate on the motives of these fearmongers, I can assure you, with little doubt, that they are wrong. The "evidence" they cite is minor, manufactured, or outright fraudulent, and the "experts" they quote are vastly in the minority.

The overwhelming majority of scientists, many of whom are loving parents just like you, agree that childhood vaccines like the one offered for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) are not only safe, but vital. Rigorous, repeated scientific evidence supports this view, as do trusted organizations like the Autism Science Foundation and Autism Speaks.

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