Thursday, November 13, 2014

Who says we can't have a balanced debate on climate change?


Blogger Patrick Dempsey said...

americans are just simply not convinced of climate change and the cataclysmic predictions by its minority of purveyors when, heretofore, not one prediction by the climate change scare mongers has come true. No hurricanes, no tornados, massive cold and snows. You guys don't want balanced debate, you want to pontificate.
And you guys said the 'debate was over'...but now we're debating again? No one can keep track of how often you guys change your minds! no wonder no one takes you seriously.

Apparently, Americans are not a gullible and stupid as the climate change crowd would like them to be.

But, these climate change folks are still welcome to raise their hand like the little child in pre-school desperately trying to get the teacher's attention. But, you will continue to be ignored until you have a prediction to come true. And don't give us this 'in 200 years from now' crap. Tell us what's going to happen in 2030 and we'll see if you're right. I am willing to bet $1000 that the loons on the lake at my cabin near Siren, WI will still be there in 2030 when there was some crackpot climate change prediciton recently in VV that said the loons will disappear 'within a few years'. Anyone care to take me up on that?

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