Thursday, October 16, 2014

'Whether you believe in climate change or not, … here's the data'

As Minnesota's climate changes, bad air and new disease risks follow

By Lorna Benson, Minnesota Public Radio

In the last century, Minnesota has generally grown warmer and wetter, changes that have big implications for human health.

Some Minnesota counties are much more vulnerable than others to health problems associated with climate change, concludes the first county-by-county Minnesota Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment.

The Minnesota Department of Health report, released Monday, looks at which counties are most vulnerable to extreme heat, flash flooding and bad air quality.

Since 1895, annual precipitation has increased nearly three inches in Minnesota, said Pete Boulay, an assistant state climatologist for the Department of Natural Resources.

Temperatures also are rising, especially overnight lows. Overnight minimum temperatures have warmed more than two and a half degrees in the summer and nearly five and a half degrees in the winter.

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