Monday, September 22, 2014

Obama’s unscripted foreign policy

By Richard Cohen Opinion writer September 22 at 7:44 PM, WashPost

Of all the experts I have read or consulted lately about the situation in the Middle East, the one who made the most sense was quoted recently in the New York Times. She’s Jennifer Shelton-Armstrong, identified as a 45-year-old Democrat in Mission Viejo, Calif., who participated in a poll about President Obama’s handling of foreign policy and terrorism. This is what she said: “He is ambivalent, and I think it shows. There is no clear plan.”

Why isn’t she on “Meet the Press”?

Now, other experts will argue that there is a clear plan, that it has been enunciated time and time again by the president, the vice president and various other members of his administration. All this is true, yet the impression the American people have is that Obama has lurched into something of a war as a reaction to the beheadings of two Americans.

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