Friday, September 12, 2014

Military Action Against ISIS Divides U.S.

Weary of War, but Favoring Airstrike Plan

SEPT. 11, 2014

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A few months ago, Kevin Kinard, a 55-year-old utility worker here, had barely heard of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. But when the Sunni militant group beheaded a second American journalist, Mr. Kinard clicked on an Internet video of the execution — and lost sleep for two nights.

“Nobody wants war,” he said, taking a break from some underground streetlight switch work near the State Capitol here to explain why he believes ISIS must be destroyed, and why America must take the lead. “It costs too much money; it costs lives. But we are protecting ourselves. We can’t turn a blind eye.”

A half-mile away, in an artsy neighborhood of thrift shops and cafes, Mary Hess, 57, sat amid stacks of rare volumes at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore and offered the opposite view.

“What possible purpose for America,” asked Ms. Hess, a caterer, “would it serve to get us more in debt and to fight in Iraq and Syria?”

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