Monday, August 11, 2014

The New Climate Change Lie

No, global warming is not on "hiatus"

By Rebecca Leber — WashPost

Norman Loeb, an atmospheric scientist with NASA, gave a crash course in climate change science for the public at Virginia Air and Space Center on Tuesday. He talked about all the evidence that the planet is warming—like the fact that temperatures right now are the hottest they’ve been since record-keeping began in 1850. He also noted that the rise in surface temperatures has slowed considerably since 2000. This doesn’t contradict the theory of global warming, he explained. Land temperature regularly varies, and much of the warming in the last decade is happening unseen in the ocean.

The same day, the frequently conservative-leaning Washington Times ran a short story on the talk. It said that a prominent NASA scientist had admitted global warming is on “hiatus.” As the writer explained, “The nation’s space agency [has] noticed an inconvenient cooling on the planet lately.”

It was pretty much the opposite of what Loeb was trying to say. But it’s not an isolated incident.

Conservatives love to cite the relative stability of global surface temperatures for the last 15 years as proof that climate change is a hoax. And they frequently twist the words of scientists to do it. I read or hear versions of this argument all the time—from outlets like Forbes, National Review, and Fox News. Sometimes the conservatives even talk about “global cooling,” joking that maybe we should be more worried about that, instead. This sort of commentary probably helps explain why still find that just 67 percent of Americans accept that humans cause climate change, even though there is nearly unanimous scientific consensus.

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Blogger Patrick Dempsey said...

my own personal climate barometer is the water level and water temperature at the family cabin near Siren, Wisconsin.

This year, the water is unusally high - higher than it has been in the 31 years my family has owned our cabin on Owl Lake. And the water temperature this time of the year is usually so warm, you can wade up to your waist in tepid, luke-warm lakewater. Except this year, the water temperature is cool, even in the low water near the shoreline which should be much warmer than it is the further you get from the shore. The entire lake is cooler this time of the year than any other year I can remember.

The short of it is that there is no lull in 'global warming'. The warming has ended and we are entering a cooling phase now. the hysterians who still cling to the hegemony of cataclysmic predictions are the ones so deluded by their blindness, it boggles the mind that someone can be that completely taken in by their own belief system when the overwhelming evidence from the growing Antarctic ice sheets to the shores of Owl Lake prove beyond any doubt that there is no global warming.

the warmists will have to go find another crisis fo foist on the moron class among us to drum up a way of making themselves feel important. The global warming religion is dead.

3:05 PM  
Blogger Dan Pangburn said...

An equation, with only two drivers as independent variables, explains measured average global temperatures since before 1900 with 95% correlation, calculates credible values back to 1610, and predicts through 2037. CO2 change is not one of the drivers.

Search AGW unveiled for the method, equation, data sources, history (hind cast to 1610) and predictions (to 2037).

4:41 PM  

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