Saturday, August 09, 2014

It’s a Can’t-Lose Year

Gail Collins, NYT
AUG. 8, 2014

Wow, it appears that Republicans in Tennessee just gave a vote of confidence to a right-wing congressman-doctor who has a history of having sex with his patients and encouraging the women in his life to end inconvenient pregnancies by abortion.

This would be Representative Scott DesJarlais, one of the most conservative members of the House of Representatives. The vote in Thursday’s primary was so close that they may still be recounting on Inauguration Day.

But the real point is that DesJarlais did not get resoundingly repudiated. When the campaign began, almost everybody expected him to lose big, including the Republican establishment in Tennessee, which piled support and money on his opponent, a state senator named Jim Tracy.

Tracy was, by most reports, a better retail politician. And the only genuine policy issue appeared to be whether the district would rather have, as its socially conservative representative, the doctor who was fined for carrying on sexual affairs with his patients or the other guy.

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Blogger Minnesota Central said...

I wonder how John Kline will act if Scott is declared the winner.

Darryl Issa and Kline were featured hosts of a fundraiser for him ... then after all the flurry of media attention, Kline took back his donation ... will he make a new one now ?

9:08 AM  

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