Monday, July 07, 2014

Obama’s ‘imperial presidency’ doesn’t rule much of anything

By Dana Milbank, July 7 at 7:09 PM, WashPost

There is a certain flaw in the oft-leveled accusation that Barack Obama is running an “imperial presidency”: As imperial rulers go, this president has about as much oppressive might and raw dictatorial clout as Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein.

Republicans have never respected Obama’s authority. And now, as his popularity slips, he seems to be losing his ability to influence foreign allies, congressional Democrats and some of his previously loyal supporters.

Consider Monday’s happenings on opposite ends of Lafayette Square.

On the north side, across from the White House, stands St. John’s Episcopal Church, “the Church of the Presidents,” where every president since James Madison has worshiped. But there was no sanctuary for Obama at St. John’s on Monday; it was hosting a protest against him.

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