Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In 2100, Minneapolis will have summer temperatures of Mesquite, Texas, today

Just in case you haven't clicked on the "inside climate news" icon at the top of this page, I'll take you to an interesting — even surprising — interactive page on the site. It's called "Global Warming Interactive: How Hot Will Your City Get?" and it gives projected future (the year 2100) summer temperatures for 1,001 cities in the U.S., comparing those temperatures to current summer temperatures of other cities.

For example, the closest city on the map to Vox Verax is Minneapolis. Current summer average is listed as 81 degrees F. The projected average for 2100 is 93 degrees F. — the 2014 summer average for Mesquite, Texas.

Currently Minnesota is a state of corn and soybeans in the south, forests in the north. If you don't think a rise of 12 degrees during the summer won't change all this, I have a bridge to sell you. — LP


Blogger Minnesota Central said...

How far is Mesquite TX from Austin ?

You might enjoy this OpEd in the Austin Statesman.

9:58 PM  
Blogger Patrick Dempsey said...

so, what summers will Minneapolis have in 2020?

If you can predict with absolute certainty what is going to happen in 2100, surely you can tell us what's going to happen in 2020, right? We aren't going to wake up one day in January 2100 and the oceans will be 5 feet higher and our summers will be 10 degrees hotter. This will be a gradual change measurable over time. Let's see if you are right. Tell us how things will be in 2020.

4:28 PM  

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