Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Suarez biting Chiellini in World Cup proof that FIFA needs more eyes on the field

Uruguay's Luis Suarez's apparent shoulder bite on Italy's Giorgio Chiellini in Tuesday's game only indicates further that FIFA needs to put more eyes on the field for high level matches such as the World Cup. Videos of the incident will certainly appear shortly, but FIFA's reaction to the incident will take some time.

Suarez was not penalized for the incident, presumably because the officials did not see it, despite the Laws of the Game dictating that biting (deemed striking an opponent and violent conduct) results in a red card and send-off.

Bottom line: One center official and two assistant referees are not enough to keep track of a game where incidents such as this can happen so quickly and be over within an instant. Video replay is great, but by then decisions have been made and the game recommenced.

A solution is needed, such as the proposals detailed in an earlier post of ours entitled "Soccer needs to be brought into the 21st century".

— Leigh Pomeroy


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