Monday, June 30, 2014

Removal of Syrian chemical arsenal was result of unprecedented collaboration

By Karen DeYoung, WashPost, June 29 at 9:02 PM

At some point on Wednesday, a Danish cargo vessel, carrying tons of the world’s deadliest chemical weapons, will sail into an Italian port and carefully begin transferring its lethal cargo onto an aging American merchant ship.

The U.S. MV Cape Ray, specially outfitted with two massive machines to neutralize those weapons, will then head out to sea, where it will turn mustard gas and nerve agents into polluted water. By September, the Cape Ray will deliver the remains of Syria’s chemical arsenal, the third largest in the world, to ports in Texas and Finland for disposal as industrial waste.

Since it began last fall, the international effort to find, verify, pack, transport and ultimately destroy the Syrian weapons has been unprecedented in countless ways.

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