Saturday, December 01, 2012

Voter fraud, GOP style

The New Right’s Rabid Watchdog

The only political party linked to organized ‘voter fraud’ in 2012 was the one loudly denouncing it.

BY Joel Bleifuss, In These Times

On September 28, the Los Angeles Times reported that election officials in 11 Florida counties “have uncovered potentially fraudulent voter registration forms submitted on behalf of the state GOP.”

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan evolved from your typical wingnut in the House to the man who might have been vice president. A boyishly handsome pol who, with a twinkle in his eye, proposes gutting Social Security and Medicare, Ryan is walking proof of the extent to which the Right has infiltrated America’s mainstream.

What was once repugnant has become respectable, but it didn’t happen overnight.

On the Left, it has become de rigueur to pooh-pooh the Tea Party’s rise as an Astroturf movement fertilized by the ill-gotten gains of union-busting billionaires. In short, this (self-serving) line of reasoning maintains, we have nothing to learn from the Tea Party.

“Anyone who says that is completely wrong,” says Lisa Graves, the executive director of the Center for Media and Democracy in Madison, Wis. (See Graves’ “Spotlight on Dark Money.”)

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