Friday, December 15, 2017

If you think winters are getting warmer, it's because they are

Mankato has second-fastest warming winters in nation

By Tim Krohn

MANKATO — If you needed more confirmation that our winters are increasingly wimpier, the nonprofit group Climate Central shows Mankato is the second-fastest warming city in the nation.

The report, released by the New Princeton, New Jersey-based group of scientists, found that winters have warmed the fastest in the Great Plains and the Great Lakes region.

Since 1970, Mankato winters have warmed by an average 6 degrees. That ties with Minneapolis. Only winters in Burlington, Vermont, have warmed faster, rising 7 degrees.

(Continued here. Note: This website — — done years ago by an Minnesota State University Mankato professor to teach his students not to trust the internet, may now be prophetic.)


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