Thursday, November 23, 2017

Where have we gone?

To the loyal followers of Vox Verax (all three of you):

You may have noticed that we haven't posted here for a while. The reason is that we have moved our efforts to Twitter and Facebook. The reasons: (1) It's easier and quicker to post. (2) Our work gets more eyeballs (we think).

That said, we will still be posting on Vox Verax from time to time when we have something original and noteworthy (earth shattering?) to say. Meanwhile, look for our comments and the articles we recommend here:
— LP


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surely, you have more than 3. Really, how many? I see your postings, with zero comments. I figured it was just a fault feature of the site. I also feel too sheepish to comment, given the weight of your expertise. For me, personally, this is a well vetted site that aggregates worthy news, free of adverts or petitions or pleadings for money.
I wonder how I found this site originally. Perhaps a link from oldamericancentury, which I miss.
I don't desire a facebook or twitter account, and would prefer not to have a alias-pithy name if I did.
I thank you for your continued presence.

Nick King

8:39 AM  
Blogger Leigh Pomeroy said...

Thanks, Nick. I guess we have 4 readers now. Best, LP

9:13 AM  

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