Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We overanalyze Trump. He is what he appears to be.

There is no correct Theory of Trump.

Updated by David Roberts @drvox
May 12, 2017, 10:40am EDT, VOX

Why did Donald Trump fire FBI Director James Comey so abruptly, in such humiliating fashion, with no plan to communicate the reasoning behind the move and no list of replacements ready?

It is the question that launched a thousand think pieces. Even Trump surrogates were not prepared to answer it. Sean Spicer literally hid in the bushes (sorry, among the bushes).

The thing is, the answer is pretty obvious. The implications are terrifying, but the motivations are not complicated.

Trump did it because he was mad.

He was mad that people on his TV keep talking about the Russia investigation. He was mad Comey didn’t back him up on his ludicrous claims that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, even when people on his TV were criticizing him for it. He was mad Comey hasn’t been more loyal, convinced Comey was to blame for his bad ratings. So he fired Comey.

That’s the picture the Washington Post paints (with 30 sources!), as well as Politico. But it remains extremely difficult to accept or internalize.

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