Thursday, February 02, 2017

Russian spy purge after suspected leaks to U.S. intelligence

by Jose Pagliery, Matthew Chance and Emma Burrows @CNNMoney February 1, 2017: 6:32 PM ET

There's a purge of spies underway in Moscow, where two high-ranking Russian security service agents, a cybersecurity expert and a fourth man have been charged with treason for passing along secrets to American intelligence, according to a lawyer defending one of the men.

The men were charged "with treason in favor of the United States," said Ivan Pavlov, the lawyer for one of the defendants.

So far, the counterintelligence raid is targeting computer security professionals -- men once trusted with Russian government secrets about hacking operations.

The crackdown comes shortly after the U.S. intelligence officials in October officially accused Russia of using hackers to try steering the presidential election to Donald Trump. American officials have never stated that Russian government insiders gave them information that led to that accusation.

Several national experts, who do not have direct knowledge of American intelligence operations, suspect that Russian government insiders did leak information and that this Russian crackdown is a result of that.

Russia's Interfax news agency, which quoted anonymous sources, said both FSB officers are accused of passing confidential information to the CIA.

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Blogger Tom Koch said...

VV might be correct on this one, who knows about the Russians? My question - where was VV when barry mocked Romney during their debate? Where was VV when barry told the Russians he would have more flexibility over the election. Doesn't the truth require consistency?

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