Friday, July 03, 2015

Greece vs. Minnesota

from Kelly Coleman:
  • Greece is half the size of Minnesota but has twice the population. 
  • Minnesota’s current annual GDP is $316 billion, while Greece’s GDP is $246 billion.
  • Minnesota’s per capita GDP is $57,943 while the per capita GDP of Greece is $25,800.
  • Minnesota’s total state & local government spending was $58.4 billion, while Greece’s government spent $127.9 billion.
  • Minnesota’s total state & local per capita spending was $10,702, while Greece spent $11,869 per capita.
  • Minnesota’s total debt is $86 billion, while Greece’s total has reached $498 billion.
  • Minnesota’s per capita debt is $16,000, while Greece’s per capita debt is $46,000.
  • The unemployment rate is Minnesota is currently 3.7%, while in Greece the rate is 27%.

All data is for 2014 unless stated otherwise.


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